[sugar] Some discussion on education

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki
Fri Aug 17 01:48:10 EDT 2007

  Hello, Elijah,

> > http://squeakland.org/pipermail/squeakland/2007-August/003717.html
> >
> > This discussion might make you think that claiming a video chat app as
> > "the killer app" is not a very compelling pitch as an educational
> > project...
> video chat alone, not so useful.
> video chat combined with lots of other practical collaborative tools? 
> pretty great, pretty humanizing, very supportive of lots of other 
> activities.

  Thank you for the comment.  While XO will have (if it is successful)
a lot of off-school and recess time, the primary use case I thought
should be the at school (even it is under tree).  The video chat
wouldn't match the latter very well.  I don't say it is useless, but
cannot be the "killer app", and we shouldn't think so.

  If I understand correctly, the position of the OLPC is that making
curriculum and organized materials are primarily the responsibility of
the client governments.  However, we, the software developers, should
think about making software tools for developing these materials (yes,
that should be possible on XO), rather than simples games that are
only useful for 5 minutes each.

-- Yoshiki

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