[sugar] sugar-jhbuild, Fedora Core 6 and Python 2.5

imm ian
Mon Aug 13 14:30:32 EDT 2007

 >> My development environment is a Fedora Core 6 system.
 >> I find now that sugar-jhbuild says that Python 2.5 is a  
dependency when
 >> I attempt a "sugar-jhbuild build".
 >> What is the best way to resolve this?
 >> 1. Build my own Python 2.5 and make sure it's visible to sugar- 
 >> 2. Upgrade to Fedora Core 7 (fairly easy since this is all  
 >> for me)
 >> 3. Convince sugar-jhbuild to build a python 2.5 for me (though
 >> meta-sugar-base seems to be gone?)
 >> I'm most interested in understanding the mainstream/expected  
answer that
 >> will make it easiest to track the sugar-jhbuild environment in  
the future.
 > I think upgrading to fedora 7 is your best option.

I tripped over this one at the weekend - my wife's a music educator,  
doing community outreach work here, and I had thought that it would  
be interesting to let her try Tam Tam with some of her P3 classes  
(that's roughly a 7~8 year old group) and possibly with some older  
students (possibly with some mentally handicapped adults too.)

But... The (regular) laptop which would be used for this little  
experiment is running FC6, and I pretty much need it like that for  
now for other work, so an FC7 upgrade isn't really an option. So that  
stymied me a bit.

Harking back to Keith Fieldhouse's original post in this thread, that  
leaves me with the option of building Python.2.5.1 on that box - but  
I guess I'd prefer it to be "hidden" in the sugar build, just in case  
it interferes with other tasks I have. But that is (partly) the sort  
of thing meta-sugar-base used to do, I thought - and now it's gone?
This does seem like a loss of functionality though and raises the bar  
for entry. Sure, I can build Python from source and install it in a  
non-standard location, but that might be too high a barrier for the  
music, graphics and teaching people that might bring the "non- 
computer" insights that make this work.

I just worry that the "geometry" of our low floor and high ceiling  
isn't quite where it should be yet...

Anyway, some questions:

- Am I correct that, to try Tam Tam with the children, qemu is not  
really an option? I understand from the wiki (but have not tried)  
that the sound does not work? And maybe it is too slow?
- Any preferred solutions for Python.2.5.x on FC6?
- Where is it best to install it to keep sugar-jhbuild happy?


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