[sugar] touchpad button colors

Mary Lou Jepsen mlj
Mon Apr 9 10:47:52 EDT 2007

Too late... needs a tooling change.
- mary lou

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On Apr 7, 2007, at 1:19 , Mary Lou Jepsen wrote:

> Alan,
> We could print the colors, but the two buttons are made of the same  
> piece of
> plastic, to make each one a different color we would have to change  
> the
> tooling.  If we print the color - it's possible - but not as good.   
> It will
> scratch, wear non-uniformly, rub off, etc.  It's why the other plastic
> buttons are imprinted (or will be in B3).  Stickers are possible,  
> but Fuse
> won't like because of alignment of the stickers (it's why we are heat
> staking the colored XOs on the backside of the laptop instead of using
> stickers).
> If all say a color is really important - we can see if we can print
> something that could wear better (perhaps a pattern instead of a  
> solid).
> Even a fine xoxoxoxox pattern.  Whatever.  Any ideas?

How about heat-staking something colored onto the buttons?

- Bert -

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