[sugar] FW: Touchpad XO

Gervase Markham gerv
Thu Apr 5 18:38:17 EDT 2007

Mary Lou Jepsen wrote:
> It's too late for that. Mechanicals are frozen.  You can't have color
> either. Sorry.
> It's really too late for tooling changes like that, but a label on the
> button works at this late stage. 


If people forget left and right, they need to learn. So why not label 
the buttons "Left" and "Right" in the local language? The text doesn't 
need to be very big - people aren't going to be reading it all that often.

You can then still say things like "Press the left button" without 
ambiguity and without confusion with keyboard buttons.

I know some young kids might hardly be reading, but a keyboard isn't 
going to be much use to them if they don't have some concept of the 
alphabet. Also, in that case, the situation just reduces back down to 
what we have now. It's not as if it's worse.


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