[sugar] FW: Touchpad XO

Mary Lou Jepsen mlj
Thu Apr 5 18:26:08 EDT 2007

It's too late for that. Mechanicals are frozen.  You can't have color
either. Sorry.

It's really too late for tooling changes like that, but a label on the
button works at this late stage. 

- Mary Lou

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> Is it too late to fiddle the sizes a bit, and have a big button and a
> small button? As well as making them obviously distinct, this would be
> good if one is going to get a lot more use than the other. 60/40 would
> be fine.

I am strongly in favor of this option.  It does a great job of
indicating one as primary and the other as secondary even without a
graphic, and furthermore makes the primary one easier to hit on an
already small physical system.

It also internationalizes fine because saying the "larger button" will
always have a reasonable translation.

- Eben

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