[sugar] A few more toolbar buttons for AbiWord?

J.M. Maurer uwog
Mon Nov 20 20:08:17 EST 2006


> Regarding the various levels of skepticism about our claims, fair
> enough. We have working code however it has not been extensively tested
> against a large collection of people working together.
> I think the algorithms will scale as they are based on guaranteeing
> pair-wise synchronization between users but I haven't tried to "prove"
> this. We await large scale testing to find out.
> I'll try to update the documentation regarding the algorithms but for me
> there is a definite trade off between writing and producing new code and
> often prefer just to write new code.

Ah you'll have some time now, while I'm in the midst of the rewrite :-P
Give me about a week, and I have basics working again with the new
architecture. I've been making good progress.


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