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Chris Jones cej105
Sun Nov 19 07:14:25 EST 2006


Ivan Krsti? gave me one of the prototype boards at the Ubuntu
Developers Summit though I have not had much time to play with it
since I'm still trying to clear the backlog of work that built up
while I was away.

Getting a text-to-speech engine included such as espeak would be a
good place to start then hard-code some screen reader capability in to
the main applications.

It would help if someone could send me one of the prototype board
power supplies if possible.


On 18/11/06, Christopher Blizzard <blizzard at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi, guys!  Sorry about the delay, we've been really busy at One Laptop
> per Child trying to get the first beta-1 machines out the door.
> We haven't done a huge amount of thinking about a11y at this point and
> we would love the chance to get you guys involved, certainly for
> evaluation and testing.
> What we have done along the lines is to make sure that what we have is
> 1. really simple, 2. avoiding multiple contexts (i.e. avoiding many top
> level windows might help a11y) and 2. making sure that context switches
> are explicit.  i.e. every window is full screen, use direct manipulation
> of objects, windows can't override each other, etc.
> Notifications happen in one place: on the frame.  I imagine a lot of the
> a11y framework centers around what happens when someone interrupts you.
>   Because all of that goes through once place, it might make live easier
> for you guys.
> Last, the technology.  We haven't included the a11y bits in our images
> for space reasons up until now.  The stuff is pretty slow, so we need to
> make sure that we do some testing and measurement to see what works and
> what doesn't.
> Do you guys have a plan of where you would like to get started?
> --Chris
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