[sugar] Re: [oats-sig] OLPC and AT

Christopher Blizzard blizzard
Sat Nov 18 12:14:46 EST 2006

Hi, guys!  Sorry about the delay, we've been really busy at One Laptop 
per Child trying to get the first beta-1 machines out the door.

We haven't done a huge amount of thinking about a11y at this point and 
we would love the chance to get you guys involved, certainly for 
evaluation and testing.

What we have done along the lines is to make sure that what we have is 
1. really simple, 2. avoiding multiple contexts (i.e. avoiding many top 
level windows might help a11y) and 2. making sure that context switches 
are explicit.  i.e. every window is full screen, use direct manipulation 
of objects, windows can't override each other, etc.

Notifications happen in one place: on the frame.  I imagine a lot of the 
a11y framework centers around what happens when someone interrupts you. 
  Because all of that goes through once place, it might make live easier 
for you guys.

Last, the technology.  We haven't included the a11y bits in our images 
for space reasons up until now.  The stuff is pretty slow, so we need to 
make sure that we do some testing and measurement to see what works and 
what doesn't.

Do you guys have a plan of where you would like to get started?


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