[sugar] ftable issue in csound/sugar

Jean Piché jean
Fri Nov 3 15:10:40 EST 2006

Since we have now agreed that the csound server will be running  
univorc.csd from startup as a system deamon, a new issue arises with  
table and instrument numbers. We run the risk of encountering Ftable  
number collisions and instrument number collisions between apps.

For the time being, and as to not get in the way of any instruments  
Barry and Richard  are perhaps preparing, we propose to reserve  
instrument #s from 5000 to 6000  and table #s from 5000 to 6000 for  
the exclusive use of TamTam.

Important:  When your app closes, it is important that it free up its  
tables lest it hog ram when its not in use. We do this by running a  
ftfree instrument (instr 5000)  in univorc.csd when tamtam exits. We  
need to figure out a way to make a general purpose instrument in the  
univorc.csd to kill any tables on exit. If we have time, we will  
propose a solution that everyone can use. For the trime being, it  
will be up to each application to do its house cleaning. We all agree  
that this is NOT a desirable way to do it and it will be changed for  



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