[sugar] Re: patch - editable GeckoEmbed subclass

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Sat Jul 29 13:33:44 EDT 2006

> Yeah, on a second thought I'd like to propose the following 
> "refactorings":
> + Move to LGPL. Seems you are the only one credited so far so it
> should be easy if it is ok for you. Maybe some day it should go into
> the gnome platform and GPL is a problem for that ...
> + Rename src/ to gecko-embed/ as mentioned above, that would allow for
> subclassing by library consumers (without hacks like conditional
> includes in public headers, that is).
> + Rename GeckoEmbed to GeckoBrowser and geckoembed.Embed to
> geckoembed.Browser. That would make more sense with a subclass called
> GeckoEditor/geckoembed.Editor.
> + (not as important) rename gecko-embed.pc to gecko-embed-1.pc and
> libgeckoembed.so to libgeckoembed-1.so so we are prepared for more
> major versions if need be.
> Would be great if we could do that now before there's a precious cvs
> history to lose / manual intervention required.

These all sounds good! Do you feel like making these changes in cvs (and 
get the editor stuff in at the same time) ?


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