[sugar] Runtime problems on Ubuntu edgy (6.10)

Mike Hunter mhunter
Wed Dec 6 18:33:32 EST 2006


Thanks for your reply.

On Dec 06 at 10:12, "Robert Staudinger" wrote:

> On 12/5/06, Mike Hunter <mhunter at lusars.net> wrote:
> [...]
> >Despite these warnings, the sugar gui comes up.  However, if I try to fire
> >up abiword, I get the following:
> [...]
> As Justin mentioned already, you have to make sure that AbiWord is
> built and installed correctly. After straight sugar-jhbuild is done
> you need to build additional modules, like
> ./sugar-jhbuild buildone wv abiword pyabiword abiword-olpc

Thanks.  Did I miss this requirement somewhere or is this part of the
learning process of trying to build it on !Fedora?

wv built, but I have trouble with the others:

./sugar-jhbuild buildone abiword
jhbuild.errors.FatalError: A module called ''abiword'' could not be found.

./sugar-jhbuild buildone pyabiword
[snip lots of autoconf stuf]
checking for ABIWORD... configure: error: Package requirements ("abiword-2.5") were not met:

No package 'abiword-2.5' found

That error concerns me a bit; I used ubuntu's package manager to get their
latest version of abiword, but that's 2.4.something.  Do I need to get that
installed on the system from soruce, or should the sugar build be pulling the
source for itself?

As for
./sugar-jhbuild buildone abiword-olpc

That says "*** success ***", but of course I still have the same problem.

> Also there is still a problem with the combination of jhbuild and
> abiword, so you may have to
> (1) delete abiword's toplevel Makefile after checkout
> (2) rename abiword's toplevel GNUmakefile to Makefile after configure
> stage (not sure if that's needed)
> The issues mentioned are being worked on.

Thanks, I'll plan to check back.  I guess I'm confused though, where should
this makefile be?  Are we talking about pyabiword?

% find source | grep -i make | grep -i abi



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