[sugar] Easier way to set up sugar-jhbuild?

Bryan Berry bryanbryanb
Tue Dec 5 10:13:10 EST 2006

We're working hard here in Kathmandu to build Nepali language applications for the XO.  We are trying to build Sugar activities but having alot of trouble getting sugar-jhbuild to run.  So instead of writing activities, we are writing regular pygtk programs. We really need to convert our applications to activities.  Activities that run within Sugar are much more convincing, esp. for the local educators we want to get excited about this project.  

Is there an easier way to build activities than running sugar-jhbuild?
 It seems like every time we run it we get a different error.

If sugar-jhbuild
 is the best way to develop for Sugar, we would like to mirror establish a mirror for the files, if at all possible.  We have friends at ISPs here in Nepal that have offered bandwidth and server space.

I used to get errors on git of evince-olpc, that seemed to work this afternoon.  However at the moment, git pull of cairo is failing w/ the message

*** Checking out cairo *** [1/33]

git pull
fatal: Needed a single revision
Pulling into a black hole?
*** error during stage checkout of cairo: Error running ['git', 'pull'] *** [1/33]

I have checked that I am using the correct version of git, git-scm

you can check our progress here, www.olpcnepal.org


BTW, OLPC Nepal is now a registered NGO! dedicated to promoting OLPC to the Nepali government, donors, software and education communities.

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