[SoaS] SoaS 10 liveinst OK but two questions

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Mon May 5 09:03:41 EDT 2014

> I successfully added GNOME (500 transactions!), however the system is
> unstable now - neither Sugar nor GNOME can shut down or reboot the system,
> and the package installer under GNOME fails systematically. I saw on the
> forums yumex is a possible solution, but wanted your POV first.

I've never seen that before. I would always use just plain "yum" from
the cli first. Maybe also run "sudo yum groupinstall @gnome-desktop"
then a "sudo yum upgrade" from a terminal to make sure you've got all
and the latest components.

> I looked for the Sugar/GNOME switcher but didn't find it, did a # yum
> install olpc-switch-desktop which brought it in. Oddly, GNOME -> Sugar
> worked (login at blue screen still necessary), but Sugar -> GNOME froze the
> machine.

At the login screen there should be a little gear icon when you click
on the user. From there you can select the different desktops that are
available on the system.

gnome3 and sugar when running as a standard distro don't support the
swap of desktop UX like the XO laptops do. With out going into massive
amounts of technical detail basically it's too much work for one
person to get right and support on the thousands of HW graphics
configurations out there to support it close to well so you need to
logout and login.

> The system boots with the Sugar animation, then displays the GNOME 3 login
> screen with the blue background, the desktop choice is hidden under a wrench
> icon at top right.

Not a gear just below the user when you click it?

> A hunch, perhaps there is an issue with the account rights? There is still
> only one account, the admin account native to SoaS.... I don't remember
> seeing a screen recommending a user account during the Anaconda liveinst.
> The parameters screen in GNOME would not let me edit or add any accounts.

Should have come up as a first boot post install.

> Perhaps repairing this is not time well spent - it's a blank machine,
> perhaps I'd be better off doing a vanilla F20 install and adding Sugar to
> it?

Possibly, start with gnome3 desktop and then do a "yum groupinstall

> Note: only 512Mb of RAM and 7 Gb of disk space, could be a contributing
> factors... I have ordered another 1Gb (max for this netbook).

1Gb is OK on my eeePC901 netbook

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