[SoaS] Limited Internet Access for SOAS

Raffael Reichelt raffael.reichelt at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 19 02:47:02 EDT 2010

I had a talk with sebastian at linuxtag about including local squid
with a whitelist in soas. I do not know how others thinking about this
but I am generally concerned about giving unlimited internet access to
the children. This might be different in a schoolserver/XO
environment, but if you want to have a widely spread soas deployment
it should be available at least as an option.

Unfortunately there are no constantly maintained whitelists available
- I talked to the people of "Kinder im Netz" - a german organisation
maintaining a whitelist - but they have legal/licence concerns opening
the whitelist to other software beside their own (propietary) windows

For a fist start I guess it would be possible to
a) provide squid in the image
b) provide a minimum example whitelist (e.g. surgarlabs.org,
google.com) to serve the links from the initial brwose-activity
c) provide a tutorial how to enable squid and to modify the whitelist

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