[SoaS] [soas] problems with nightly composes build system?

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Wed Jul 14 20:19:06 EDT 2010

1-)Nightly composes have not been boot-able since 6/23/2010 see these 
testing reports:


the nighty composes fails to boot with this message:

 mount: wrong fs type, bad option,bad superblock on /dev/mapper/live-rw 
sleeping forever can't mount root filesystem

2-) I am also using a f14 (rawhide build system)* to make a build with 
the soas.ks with livecd to disk. These have all worked , making .iso 
files which burn to CD and make USB-scr and dd writes to USB that boot 
properly. Why does f14 (rawhide) make a usable CD.iso  while the Nightly 
Composes fail?

3-)liveinst (Anaconda) does not work properly. Firstboot never comes up 
on booting a USB created with livinst. As a consequence., there is no 
way to log in to the USB.

Tom Gilliard

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