[SoaS] Meeting minutes 2010-02-11

Mel Chua metamel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 16:46:08 EST 2010

> 10:16:17        Topic: how close are we to upstream Sugar?
> 10:16:55        ACTION  mchua   sdziallas answer 'how close are we to
> upstreams?' questions
> 10:17:02        Topic: how close are we to upstream Fedora?
> 10:17:28        INFO    mchua   Pretty darn close, I'd think, since SoaS is a Spin...

21:28:53 < mchua> sdziallas: so basically the SoaS daily build (as a fedora
                  spin) is going to be pulling bleeding-edge code from both
                  fedora and sugar, and is therefore a totally useful testing
21:29:31 < sdziallas> mchua: *crosses fingers* - yup, right.

All right, question answered. If you get the SoaS build under
development, you'll be getting code that's as close to bleeding edge
as you can get, and therefore we can file QA stuff against this and
have it be applicable to upstream.

This does *not* apply for Activities - there is no such guarantee that
the Activities in the SoaS build under development are the most
bleeding-edge code available for that Activity. For this, I think we
need to go to http://activities.sugarlabs.org - but that's fine, imo.

Such is my understanding of things at this time, at least.


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