[SoaS] [IAEP][DP] Announcing the creation of a SoaS Decision Panel

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 02:44:36 EDT 2009

I agree we need to come up with some way to do it, which is why it's a
plank in my SLOBs platform.

Chinese news websites routinely leave off links on purpose, out of
kindness, because they are fully aware they can knock down servers
around the world with traffic. Imagine the Slashdot effect times ten.


On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 12:37 AM, Martin Dengler
<martin at martindengler.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 11:26:11PM +0200, Sean DALY wrote:
>> [my budget _is_ the marketing budget]
>> [...]
>> Sugar will be a very real challenger on only a year or two.
>> I have no illusions about the difficulty of jumpstarting an
>> ecosystem, but since that is necessary to the success of Sugar, we
>> need to make it happen.  I have ideas for plans for that too
>> [...other ideas for plans]
> That's all great but it boils down to what I said: we can't do it now,
> where "we" is Sugar Labs and "it" is: create better distro than
> Fedora-ish and service that distro with distro-vendor-quality support
> and infrastructure.
> So I propose we come up with some way to do it (ibid.)  to propose to
> SLOB or we get real should say we're not going to do it (for now).
> Either is better than the status quo of not doing it and pretend that
> we are
>> Sean
> Martin
> PS
>> we were lucky the Chinese sites didn't link to us in their articles.
> If China wanted a Sugar distro there'd be 10,000 CDs in a Sham Sui Po
> warehouse before you could say "no idea how they did it without a
> link".

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