[Marketing] Google Docs

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Fri Feb 1 19:02:11 EST 2013

>From #sugar-meeting:

<SeanDaly> indeed if it works ever since bernie shut down Google docs
sending PR is a major headache and not sure if sharing will work with
other account (hopefully will)

Sean, could you please explain what you're trying to do and why it can't
be done using the public version of Google Docs?

If this turned out to be impossible or inconvenient, our Google Apps
account is still active, but currently it is unmaintained due to
resource considerations.

<SeanDaly> 11:38:08> yes, if bernie had only asked before shutting it
down i could have explained

The Google Apps migration was announced and publicly discussed ahead of
time. You even participated in the thread, don't you remember?

The only complaint I ever heard from you at the time was that it would
no longer be possible for you to send and receive email as
sdaly at sugarlabs.org. In response, I explained how this could be done
with any email client, including Gmail.

The Infrastructure Team exists for the sole purpose of supporting the
rest of the community with useful infrastructure. In the future, please
discuss any specific needs of the Marketing Team with us and we'll try
our best to support you. Our main constraint is finding enough sysadmins
to cover all the services we provide. Hence, requests which involve
setting up complex new services are harder to accommodate.

Bernie Innocenti
Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

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