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This voip.ms service replaces the number I organized & had financed
since March 2009:

This is our direct contact lne for journalists to reach us and has
proven its worth several times, notably when the BBC reached us
through our line and covered Sugar Labs.

Gizmo5, our provider, was acquired by Google late last year. Google
decided to cut off service without a comparable replacement, as
discussed in recent marketing meetings e.g.:

It was necessary to replace our dead phone line (service was ended on
April 3rd on short notice) prior to last Friday's press release.

Reminder of our needs:
* dialin analog line in Cambridge/Boston, possibility of European dialin line
* softphone with personalized (recorded) outgoing message
* incoming message e-mailed to pr at sugarlabs.org as soundfile
* scalability (add numbers, multiple access, frontend to phone server, etc.)
* possibility to organize conference call with journalists

Other providers evaluated:

* Google Voice has not evolved since March 2009 and remains primitive
for our needs, in particular is unavailable outside the USA

* SipGate has limited dialin choice, limited scalability, and costs
more than voip.ms

Cost of voip.ms is approximately 5 USD per month, I seeded the account with $25.



On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 9:21 PM, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com> wrote:
>      What is being purchased? (Link to product, etc.)
>      Why is this purchase needed for SL's operations? (What is the
> blocker it resolves, and is there a deadline associated with this?)
>      How much will it cost, and how often will it have to be renewed?
>      What other options were evaluated for purchase, and why did the
> chosen product/service/option get selected as the best one?
>      Any other notes?
> -walter
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