Sugar Labs PR phone number! +1 (857) 254-1100 (Gizmo5 Business, standalone or will interface with Asterisk)

Sean DALY at
Thu Mar 12 12:56:09 EDT 2009

I have reserved the Sugar Labs public-facing phone number: +1.857.254.1100 !

This is still being processed by Gizmo5, but it appears basic
forwarding + voicemail is possible even before the Asterix interfacing
will be done by Bernie it seems.

I'm very pleased we got a "round" number! hard to get from trad
telcos. I purchased this "CallIn" number for 12 months + $20 of
"CallOut" to cover forwarding to my personal cellphone, David's
dedicated cell, etc.

It's tied to the pr at account, so confirmation warings
etc. will arrive there. David - pr@ is *not* forwarding to sdaly@, can
you please look at that? is it forwarding to you and Walter? We need
to test & be fully confident it is operational this weekend.

See pr@ mail inbox for the Gizmo5 name and Business Dashboard login.

It will be fabulous if this number can be live & forwarding for Monday
morning... and catastrophic if not :D well, not really, if it takes
voicemail we will at least be receiving messages.



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