[Marketing] Invitation: Sugar Labs Marketing Meeting @ Tue Oct 27 4:30pm – 5pm (marketing at lists.sugarlabs.org)

Sean Daly sdaly at sugarlabs.org
Tue Oct 27 07:47:09 EDT 2009

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Title: Sugar Labs Marketing Meeting
i have time constraints today so I am proposing a briefer meeting starting  
a little later than usual. I hope this is not inconvenient.

Note: meeting server still down.

Proposed agenda:

Blueberry launch brainstorming - eBooks focus
* Internet Archive Bookserver announcement context
* text-to-speech (mediamods?)
* Sugar collaboration: discussion groups, annotation
* non-English books
* including eBooks in image?
* other ideas?

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When: Tue Oct 27 4:30pm – 5pm Brussels
Where: IRC: irc.freenode.net (channel: #sugar-meeting)
Calendar: marketing at lists.sugarlabs.org
     * Sean Daly - organizer
     * marketing at lists.sugarlabs.org

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