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Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Fri Oct 23 15:19:00 EDT 2009

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 14:19, Sean DALY <sdaly.be at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_(GUI)
> There are errors (latest stable version, for starters) and omissions
> (the Video section which doesn't have anything from our DailyMotion
> channel)
> Would any Wikipedians in the house like to step up and volunteer to
> improve that page, and check it from time to time?

Adding IAEP to CC because the subject is of interest wide enough.

Have just had a short conversation on IRC with a GNOME hacker and he
made some interesting points about how we are seen by a casual

(07:49:54 PM) DanielC: Sugar = desktop environment, right?
(07:50:22 PM) ***DanielC reads the Wikipedia page about Sugar.
(07:50:24 PM) tomeu: not really desktop, rather learning ;)
(07:50:47 PM) DanielC: Yeah, I thought I recognized the name from the
OLPC thing.
(07:59:39 PM) DanielC: The wikipedia is a bit vague about what Sugar
is. "Tool of creative expression", "Learning environment", etc.
(08:00:08 PM) ***DanielC tries the Sugar Labs website.
(08:00:38 PM) tomeu: yeah, yesterday the marketing team started a
discussion about this
(08:03:13 PM) DanielC: Ok, I've looked at the Sugar Labs website and I
still don't know what it does. I think I'll wait for the marketing
team to do its thing.
(08:04:15 PM) tomeu: DanielC: think gnome-shell oriented to learning
(08:04:38 PM) tomeu: it's difficult to explain in a single form that
makes sense to everybody
(08:05:03 PM) DanielC: It sounds difficult to explain.
(08:05:37 PM) DanielC: But basically it's a desktop environment for
schools with young kids. Is that about right?
(08:05:52 PM) tomeu: DanielC: yes, that's how I would explain it to
someone in this channel
(08:05:59 PM) DanielC: :-)
(08:06:02 PM) tomeu: DanielC: this is my presentation for fosdem 2009:
(08:06:10 PM) DanielC: *click*
(08:06:24 PM) tomeu: only that we don't follow the desktop metaphores,
so desktop is misleading in that aspect
(08:06:43 PM) tomeu: but then we have to use a term as vague as
"environment" or "platform", etc
(08:06:55 PM) DanielC: Ok, s/desktop environment/GUI interface/
(08:07:37 PM) DanielC: "GUI interface" is more concrete than
"environment" or "platform" (Java is a platform).
(08:08:03 PM) tomeu: yeah, that also works for some people
(08:08:09 PM) tomeu: though many don't know what gui is
(08:08:17 PM) tomeu: see, even the engineers from the deployments have
trouble distinguishing from sugar and the rest of the distro
(08:08:28 PM) tomeu: we get lots of questions about alsa or even about
hardware issues
(08:12:03 PM) DanielC: "It is a graphical environment for schools with
young children. It is simple and child-oriented. The focus is on
collaboration activities relevant to the classroom"
(08:12:44 PM) tomeu: that's a good one, where did you got it from?
(08:12:53 PM) DanielC: I just came up with it.
(08:13:12 PM) walters: you should edit the wikipedia page
(08:13:16 PM) walters: then it becomes standard! =)
(08:13:24 PM) tomeu: DanielC: and after that, join our marketing team :p
(08:13:32 PM) DanielC: I tried to hit most of your main points but in
concrete language.
(08:13:38 PM) DanielC: tomeu: :-)
(08:14:09 PM) tomeu: DanielC: may I reproduce this conversation in our
marketing ml?
(08:14:17 PM) DanielC: of course
(08:14:20 PM) tomeu: thanks



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