[Marketing] IRC transcript of today's Sugar Labs Marketing Meeting

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Tue Oct 20 12:40:46 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Sean DALY wrote:
> #sugar-meeting

[...] snip!

> <SeanDaly>  sdz about?
> <SeanDaly>  I'd like to brainstorm a bit about Blueberry launch, but I
> don't like to do that without sdz about
> <SeanDaly>  Since the launch will be late november and possibly later,
> <SeanDaly>  in the heart of northern holiday season,
> * walterbender pinged him

Sorry for missing the meeting - I should have made it, but just didn't 
notice the time while preparing for a talk with a colleague.

I've put some more comments in-line...

> <SeanDaly>  I am thinking we could surf the phenomenon of e-books
> <SeanDaly>  we discussed this last week

Strong +1 from my side on e-books! :)

> <walterbender>  tomeu: not sure if they are ready, but we can ask...
> maybe for the Cloudberry release next spring
> * SeanDaly Cloudberry?
> <walterbender>  SDZ and I were kicking around names this morning
> <SeanDaly>  walterbender: haha
> <walterbender>  cloudberry is very popular in Scandinavia--home of lots
> of FOSS hackers :)
> <SeanDaly>  I love the name - sounds ultramodern

I love it, too! Well, nothing put in stone at all, but I think we might 
want to clarify the code-name for the next release a bit earlier.

> <SeanDaly>  Do we discuss sources like the Gutenberg Project?

/me thinks he'll try downloading Alice in Wonderland into SoaS builds...

> <unmadindu>  SeanDaly: what is the date for the press release to go out ?
> <SeanDaly>  unmadindu: Blueberry launch in late november or early to
> mid December; date not fixed yet
> <SeanDaly>  unmadindu: we have often gotten PR out the door 30 minutes
> before deadline, but for once I wouldn't mind doing it in advance and
> planning as big a splash as we can

Yes, sounds great! I'll try to get back with more information soon...

> <SeanDaly>  on the other hand we may want to simplify SoaS
> language/keyboard config
> <SeanDaly>  of course i don't want to get into that without sdz input

Actually, this hasn't made it into Sugar 0.86, has it? I guess we might 
need to find a SoaS solution here, as we probably don't want to direct 
users to the terminal just to change this, again.

Using firstboot might be worth considering here, however, I could use a 
hand with hacking...


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