[Marketing] SL at NECC 2010

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Mon Jul 27 12:15:16 EDT 2009

Kevin, Anurag, Mike, Luke, Jeff - (please forward to SL folks from NECC 
that I missed... also copying sugar-marketing for broader discussion)

Was thinking recently about the kind of NECC presence Sugar Labs ought 
to have next year, and was wondering about your impressions of how 
things went this time around.

* Being able to tell people about SoaS rocked. It seemed like most 
people still associate Sugar with "the stuff that runs (only) on XOs" - 
perhaps having only one XO at the booth next year, alongside a host of 
demo netbooks and laptops and maybe even a desktop running Sugar (and 
all collaborating) would make a compelling demo to the contrary. If 
Sebastian is in town (unlikely given geography, but... I can dream!), he 
should stop by to show off SoaS.

* SoaS press releases awesome! Wish we had more swag. Stickers, etc. 
would be rockin' - but I'd settle for a stack of SL business cards for 
someone to take (I should have thought of making a bunch of these). I 
wish Sean could have come, too.

* We need to have an education person (off the top of my head: Caroline, 
Walter, and/or a deployment teacher) run a Sugar workshop next year and 
show folks how it can be actually used in a classroom. Pre-load Sugar on 
the thin-client lab image, have people play with it.

* I don't know what big developments are likely to hit in the near 
future, but if the "use Activities online, in browsers!" thing works, 
then we have a *huge* winner to demo.

If we come up with solid things to propose, then we can ask around for 
resources and funding to make it happen. What should we do? What did you 
think of our showing at this year's NECC?

--A Somewhat Belated Mel

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