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On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 15:53, Rodolfo D. Arce S.<rodolfoarce at eyuhoo.com> wrote:
> Hello all:
> I'm actually not working solely with Sugar, but with the OLPC
> deployment and the XS..
> The feature that i found to be more important is the re-installing of
> the operative systrem, beacuse the whole platform is still a little
> unstable, the OS reinstall is very usefull.. but the restore of the
> journal is very VERY complicated
> Daniel Drake made a couple of scripts that were very usefull, which
> restores a journal to a temp folder.. and when booting looks for that
> temp folder in order to restore
> If i tryed to do it manually.. is very long and complicated process..
> do-able, but if i think of a 9 year old doing it.. well.. it could be
> to hard
> So I think that is someting that we shloud be aiming at.. simple
> journal backup and restore.. and not only in an OLPC, or XS
> envoiroment for that matter.. so even in places without XS (for
> backup) or where reinstall is a fast and easy way to get a system up
> again.. the journal is the only place where all things are stored

Hi Rodolfo,

have you already thought about the ideal user experience for that?



> cheers.. R
> On Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 8:47 PM, Caroline Meeks<solutiongrove at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am going to try to answer this, or actually I hope start a brainstorming
>> session that will get us towards a feature list.
>> I am going to try to use the Customer Role of an Agile process.  That means
>> I'm going to try to talk as much about the result I want to see as I can and
>> as little as I can about how to get to it.  I do know that some of this is
>> in the works. I also know that some of it will require the heavens to
>> deliver us yet another genius programmer with a new skill set to accomplish
>> by September.   But the job of the role of Customer is my mind is to talk
>> about what I'd like to see, what the business case for it is and what the
>> priority is.  I hope other people will join me in this role as i think its
>> crucial information for the technical team to have.
>> Solid Collaboration - Priority A for GPA Project. - Defining what this looks
>> like and how we get there is an important discussion and i don't have all
>> those answers.  This encompasses local and jabber collaboration.
>> Straightforward Teacher "Assignment" -> Student -> Teacher
>> workflow.  Priority B for GPA For example. Teacher creates a template
>> to scaffold student writing.  Students do the writing assignment and the
>> teacher "collects" them.  Maybe this happens with Moodle or maybe its done
>> all in Sugar?
>> Straightforward Sugarization - By this I mean that a programmer who has
>> created a game for linux or the web could look at our documentation and
>> examples and tell his/her boss, "yes I see how we can make this available
>> for Sugar and it will be a better experience for kids in a classroom through
>> Sugar."  Sugarizing should not mean giving up aggregating data for the
>> teacher.  It should be a better user experience because: automatic saving,
>> cooler collaboration, easier installation and more consistent performance,
>> easier for teachers to find, available to the million kids with XOs.
>>  .Priority A for Sugar.
>> Sugar on SoaS and Netbooks backs up and restores with XS - Priority A for
>> GPA,
>> Sugar Live CD - Boothelper - USB Creator all in one - Priority B for SoaS
>> Sugar on a Stick works with a VM - Priority B for GPA  - it still has to
>> boot on its own also.
>> A Sugar machine can also run a SoaS - Priority C - Use case. Say you are in
>> a 1-1 Netbook deployment.  Your netbook breaks and it'll be a week till its
>> repaired. It would be cool to burn a Stick for that kid from the XS backup
>> and they could then use a teacher's netbook or some kid who is in Gym that
>> period's netbook and still get to participate in the lesson.
>> Sugar works on preIntel Macs - Priority C for GPA, Priority B for Sugar.
>> Sugar works on lesser hardware, say Pentium III 256M. - Priority C for SoaS
>> Don't let the user keep opening activities until the machine crashes or is
>> driven to its knees - Priority C for GPA
>> Less cluttered, more consistent neighborhood view - Priority C for Sugar
>> I am copying the Server list because I think many of the things I think are
>> the most important next steps for Sugar require interfacing with, and
>> improvements in the XS.
>> Priorities are my current opinions and I tried to not bias them with how
>> hard I think the tasks are.  They are about how important I think they are,
>> in my opinion, with my customer hat on, to either the GPA pilot, Sugar and
>> its marketing, and partnerships and adoption, or the Sugar on a Stick
>> project.  I don't think for a second that things should be done in priority
>> order.
>> So I hope everyone else sticks their necks out and says what features they
>> want, what the use cases are and  what they think their relative importance
>> are.  Then we can narrow our focus back down to what we can do for
>> September.
>> 2009/7/4 Sebastian Dziallas <sebastian at when.com>
>>> Hi everybody,
>>> so here it is, the Sugar on a Stick v2 Roadmap:
>>> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick/Roadmap#Roadmap
>>> Feedback is appreciated, and as we've just entered brainstorming phase,
>>> please go ahead and shoot your ideas! :) More to come...
>>> --Sebastian
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