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John Tierney jtis4stx at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 15 14:42:51 EST 2009

Hello All,

Just wanted to let everyone know we have been offered the opportunity to have our Marketing needs enhanced
by a Spring 2009 MarketLabs project. These are 8 week projects conducted by MIT-Sloan MBA students. (See Below)


The opportunity arose on this past Friday and the Deadline for information was yesterday.

I have forwarded a basic description of Sugar Labs Marketing needs and will hopefully be receiving feedback this upcoming week.
If we are chosen, please have your ideas and thoughts ready to pass along. In being chosen by the Students we will
in turn have new community members "Newbie's" - This should be great help in the "Getting Involved" effort and the materials needed to
bring new community members up to speed in their areas of interest. 

Will Keep You Informed!


From: jtis4stx at hotmail.com
Subject: RE: MarketLab Projects
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 17:45:15 -0500

Hi Tripti,

I have included an attachment of Mind Maps that gives a sense of the many challenges we face. With the separation of Sugar Labs and One Laptop per Child into two non-profit
organizations, it is important to build an identity for Sugar Labs and the Sugar Educational Platform. At the same time since all the XO laptops in the field are running Sugar software it is important to have a separate but complimentary approach to that relationship, while reaching out to other platforms(Netbooks, Desktops, Sugar on a Stick-USB Drive). Sugar wants to be available to all platforms but also understands it's relationship with One Laptop per Child.

Sugar Labs:http://sugarlabs.org/go/Main_Page

Sugar Labs Marketing:http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam

Sugar on a Stick:http://sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick

With multiple audiences to reach out to: Teachers, Students, Developer Community, Principals, Parents, Teacher's Unions, School Superintendents, Legislators, Philanthropists, and the Business Community; a need for a comprehensive Marketing Approach is needed. The focus of the short term is how can we get many of our needs embedded into University projects in all schools-Education, Engineering and Computer Science, English or Language of Country, Math, and Business Departments. The end goal is Sugar in the hands of children and teachers allowing them to "Learn How to Learn".

Please let me know if you need additional information.

The short notice prevented additional information coming in from the community.

Thank You for the Interest!

Look Forward to Collaborating!

John Tierney

CC: jtis4stx at hotmail.com
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 12:47:46 -0500
Subject: RE: MarketLab Projects

Dear Mr. Tierney

We can still add projects to
MarketLab but it needs to be done soon (preferably by tomorrow).  If you could
send me a brief description of the project, I’ll be happy to add it to the
list.  I am also happy to talk to you about it.



Class of 2010

MIT Sloan School of Management

tthapa at mit.edu



From: Sharmila Chatterjee
[mailto:schatterjee at MIT.EDU] 

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 12:37 PM

To: jennifer.clark at sloan.mit.edu; 'Tripti Thapa'

Cc: jtis4stx at hotmail.com

Subject: MarketLab Projects


Jennifer and Tripti:


e-mail with MarketLab project descriptions has probably gone out on Feb 9th. 
However, I received a note about an interesting request today and thought would
it share with you in case project descriptions have not gone out as yet. 
Alternatively, you may have more students than projects at a later
time.   Please see details below:


“Mr. John Tierney (copied on this e-mail) is
working on Educational Outreach for Sugar Labs: www.sugarlabs.org-

The project will be a Service Learning opportunity for a MarketLab team
interested in working in the non-profit domain.  Sugar Labs as well as One
Laptop per Child are in need of a cohesive marketing strategy that has an
Educational Outreach Initiative as part of its core.  The strategy will
involve how best to diffuse the initiatives among the various layers of the decision
making unit in the educational community as well as actual adopters such
as teachers.”


let me know if it is still feasible to include the project in Spring
2009.   Best Regards




Sharmila C. Chatterjee

Sloan School of Management

Amherst Street, E40-166A

MA 02142






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