Just checking: business cards acquired?

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Tue Feb 17 23:38:33 EST 2009

Noted, thanks! I had some trouble finding places that would ship to 
Brussels on short notice, but it's good to know that maybe the best 
route for next time is to either (1) get a local to do it, so they can 
ask around for local printshops, or (2) get them done locally here 
myself by a good independent printer, and just ship the things.

A heads-up for folks who might be thinking of getting SL cards in the 


Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> Mel Chua wrote:
>> Just checking: did you folks get the cards from Andriani ok?
> YES!  Thank you so much!
> A note for the next time we reprint: the quality of the cartoon and
> printout was a little low.  A friend just told me he had similar
> experience with VistaPrint and recommended another company I can't
> quite remember now.

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