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I want Sugar to be the right fit for everyone's pedagogical beliefs so I
think we should nod to as many as possible and be dogmatic with none of
them.  Lets not forget mathematical thinking, higher order reasoning, and
maybe 21st century skills.

Once we get an introduction up maybe we need some bullet items with specific
concrete ideas for different content areas.  These may expand into whole
pages of their own with just teasers on the first page.

I think we want a paragraph or so each for Middle and High School teachers.

Middle School - Kid friendly introduction to programming with turtle art,
scratch and pippy.  No ceiling!

High School - Service learning by testing and extending Sugar.  Learn about
programming and education in developing countries.

2009/2/9 John Tierney <jtis4stx at>

> A little try at rewording:
> Pedagogy:
> >>
> >> Based upon 40+ years of educational research at Harvard and MIT, Sugar
> >> promotes "studio thinking": demonstrations, projects, and critiques;
> >> as well as "studio habits of mind": develop craft, engage and persist,
> >> envision, express, observe, reflect, stretch and explore, and
> >> understand the art world. In the context of Sugar, studio thinking is
> >> applied not just to the arts, but to all disciplines.
> >>
> A slightly different format
>  Based upon 40+ years of educational research, Sugar promotes
> demonstrations, projects, and critiques-"Studio Thinking";
> as well as, developing craft, engaging and persisting,
> envisioning, expressing, observing, reflecting, stretching and exploring,
> and understanding the art world-"Studio Habits of Mind".
> In the context of Sugar, studio thinking is
> applied not just to the arts, but to all disciplines.
> &g
>  t;>At the same time, Sugar is flexible; it works coherently with the wide
> >>variety of instructional frameworks, deepening the student's learning
> >>experience. Sugar also provides access to internet learning resources.
> >>I think a line that expresses that Sugar can be an extension to the Lesson plans they already are
> >>using might be a valuable addition from the Teachers point of view.
> >>Allowing them to understand that they do not have to rework all their lesson plans but can use Sugar activities
> >>as an extension/enhancement or add on to what they are presently doing.
> At the same time, Sugar is flexible; it works as an enhancement and extension to a wide variety of instructional
> frameworks, deepening and documenting the student's learning experience with the help of Sugar's wonderful Portfolio Tool.
> Sugar also provides a rich browsing experience and access to the internet and all the benefic
>  ial learning opportunities and
> resources it provides.
> JT
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