Fwd: Static Sugar Labs website - how can we help?

Marco Pesenti Gritti marcopg at sugarlabs.org
Wed Feb 4 16:34:40 EST 2009

Can someone help out Christian with this?

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Date: Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 10:33 PM
Subject: Re: Static Sugar Labs website - how can we help?
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Hi Marco

There is one other thing I could use help with:

Someone complained recently that the site wasn't compatible with IE6 (or
lower). I was able to tweak most of the CSS to work in IE6, but the menu
still only works properly in IE7 or higher.

It appears in IE6 (I had to change "position: fixed" to "position: relative"
in the IE stylesheet), but the spacing inside the menu is off. If you test
it in IE6, you'll see what I mean.

If you'd be up for taking this on, it would be much appreciated. My guess is
that there may need to be a Javascript solution if IE6 can't handle a pure
CSS popup menu.

What do you think?


On 2/3/09 8:03 PM, "Marco Pesenti Gritti" <marcopg at sugarlabs.org> wrote:

> Hi Christian!
> could you give an update about the web site and about the things you
> need help with?
> Thanks!
> Marco
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> From: Mel Chua <mel at melchua.com>
> Date: Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 6:27 PM
> Subject: Static Sugar Labs website - how can we help?
> To: Christian Marc Schmidt <christianmarc at gmail.com>, Marketing
> <Marketing at lists.sugarlabs.org>
> Hi, Christian!
> Is there anything we can do to help with the static website landing
> page? I'm getting swag together for FOSDEM (Feb 7th) and putting
> http://join.sugarlabs.org on the first round of stickers/cards. I'd love
> to be able to swing that around to point at the new landing page, if
> it's ready for prime time by then.
> What help do you need to make that happen? (I was reading the Marketing
> list archives, but didn't see any messages on this from after Nov 22, so
> I may be missing a conversation somewhere.)
> Thanks!
> --Mel
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