[IAEP] How to navigate sugar-desktop (actually the Journal activity?) in my vanilla F29

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Nov 27 03:40:02 EST 2018

Here's a fix to try.

In the Terminal activity, paste these three commands one by one;

wget https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/810/commits/9e7a93afba13470464700673dec6a3f9750cfd34.patch

sudo dnf install -y patch

sudo patch /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/jarabe/journal/journalactivity.py < 9e7a93afba13470464700673dec6a3f9750cfd34.patch

Then logout and login again.  The Journal should not appear until you
ask for it.  You may see a series of rectangles drawn briefly, and Log
activity should have in shell.log file

WARNING root: Journal premature deiconify by Metacity (RHBZ #1519042), try again.

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 01:04:25AM -0500, Kevin wrote:
> Hi all, and thanks for making and sharing sugar. It looks like wonderful
> software.
> I'd like to introduce my 8yo kid to sugar, so I installed vanilla F29 on an old
> MacBook Pro, updated all installed software via yum (no apparent problems with
> that much), and then I followed the instructions I found [1]here:
> ==============
> Using Sugar as a Desktop Environment
> Install Fedora. Then, in a Terminal, type:
> sudo dnf groupinstall sugar-desktop
> Then restart your computer. At the Sign in select the Sugar desktop.
> ==============
> I did that, and after having done so, I don't have the same experience that I
> see when I go to [2]https://try.sugarizer.org.
> When I visit [3]https://try.sugarizer.org I see two options to click: "New
> user" and "Login", so I chose the former. Then I see "Choose name" and I type a
> trial name in to the text field and click "Next". Then I see "Choose at least 4
> images:" and I click on "a", "b", "c", and "d" and then click "Next". And now I
> see "Click to change color:", and here is where there is one page that has some
> common features with my F29/Sugar desktop environment. So I click until I like
> a color combination for my trial XO character and then click "Done." Then I see
> a spinny icon and shortly afterwards I see my XO character at the center of a
> spiral of Activity icons that I suspect is very familiar to everyone here (what
> I think of as the Sugar desktop).
> But this differs in some important ways from what I see in my F29/Sugar desktop
> environment.
> When I enter my kid's username and password at the gnome display manager in F29
> and select the Sugar desktop, I do see the "Click to change color:" screen.
> After I click "Next" on this screen, then I see a screen to choose gender.
> After I click "Next" on this screen, then I see a screen to choose a grade.
> After I click "Done" on this screen, I don't see my XO character at the center
> of a spiral of Activity icons like I do at [4]https://try.sugarizer.org. I
> don't see anything like it at all. I can't take a screenshot of it because the
> screen seems to have no functionality for that at all. In the middle of a white
> screen I see a gray icon of a three-ring binder and the phrase: "Your Journal
> is empty". In the black top bar or "title bar", I see a small gray magnifying
> glass search icon in a white text box that reads "Search in Journal" on the far
> left, and then proceeding from left to right, I see a white star, then a white
> box icon with its four top flaps open, then two drop-down menus that read
> "Anything" (entitled "Select filter") and "Anytime" (also entitled "Select
> filter" with date options like "Today" and "Since yesterday"), respectively,
> then lastly I see an icon of a pencil writing on a piece of paper with upward
> and downward pointing triangles (another drop-down menu entitled "Sort view").
> I get the impression that in my F29/Sugar desktop described above, I'm looking
> at the Journal Activity, not the spiral collection of Activity icons that I see
> at [5]https://try.sugarizer.org.
> In [6]https://try.sugarizer.org, I see the same three-ring binder icon just
> below the XO character, and when I click on it at [7]https://try.sugarizer.org,
> I'm taken to a screen that is similar to my desktop in my F29/Sugar desktop
> ("Search in journal", white star, "Anything" and "Anytime" drop-down menus, a
> question mark inside a circle, and finally a dot inside a circle on the far
> right; and the same three-ring binder icon in the center of the screen above
> the words "Your journal is empty"). But I can exit this screen and return to
> the spiral of Activity icons by clicking the dot-in-circle icon. There is no
> way I can find to exit the Journal activity in my F29/Sugar desktop.
> When I burned the SoaS iso to a DVD-R and booted into that on this old MacBook
> Pro, I had the exact same experience as I described above when logging into
> this vanilla F29 OS and selecting the Sugar desktop within the gnome display
> manager.
> So my question is, how do I make my F29/Sugar desktop (apparently just the
> Journal activity) look something like what I see at [8]https://
> try.sugarizer.org (which I think is what I'm supposed to be seeing: the Sugar
> desktop)?
> As it is now, the only thing I can really do in my F29/Sugar desktop is to kill
> -9 the only running process that I see owned by my kid's account when I issue
> the "[alpha at localhost ~]$ w" command (/usr/libexec/gdm-x-session --run-script
> sugar). I do this while logged into F29 as another user in either a virtual
> console or in the gnome desktop environment running a terminal window. Then I
> can login as my kid again and go through the same stuck-in-journal-activity
> loop. How do I break out of this loop?
> I asked about this yesterday in IRC as Nick dr02020, and walterbender suggested
> that I try the F29 vanilla installation that I have now done. Thanks for the
> suggestion, Walter, but I have the same problems in F29 too.
> Thanks for any suggestions on this dilemma. I'm excited to see how my kid does
> in sugar and hope I can do so in our own computer rather than strictly at [9]
> https://try.sugarizer.org.
> Best,
> Kevin
> References:
> [1] https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/blob/master/docs/fedora.md
> [2] https://try.sugarizer.org/
> [3] https://try.sugarizer.org/
> [4] https://try.sugarizer.org/
> [5] https://try.sugarizer.org/
> [6] https://try.sugarizer.org/
> [7] https://try.sugarizer.org/
> [8] https://try.sugarizer.org/
> [9] https://try.sugarizer.org/

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