[IAEP] Call to action for inactive SLOBs - attend the meetings or resign your seats

Alex Perez aperez at alexperez.com
Thu Nov 15 17:42:50 EST 2018

I hereby assert that the Sugar Labs Oversight Board has become stagnant 
to the point of near-100% ineffectiveness. It no longer serves the 
intended purpose, and the quality of discourse at the SLOB meetings 
themselves has diminished to near-zero.

Back in June/July of 2018, I created 
https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Goals/2018_Submissions from the user 
submissions Sameer had collected into a spreadsheet, and shared them to 
the IAEP mailing list on July 8th. Not a single person responded, not 
even to say a simple "thanks". I would now like to point out the 
following bad behavior, and suggest that the current status quo for 
Sugar Labs oversight is actively detrimental to the health of the 
overall organization.

2018 SLOB meeting attendees by month:

January: walterbender, samsongoddy, CanoeBerry, sverma
February: walterbender, samsongoddy, CanoeBerry, sverma, llaske
March: walterbender, samsongoddy, Claudia, sverma, llaske
April: walterbender, samsongoddy, llaske
May: walterbender (!!!)
June: walterbender, samsongoddy, Claudia,  llaske
July: walterbender, samsongoddy, CanoeBerry, Claudia, sverma
August: walterbender, samsongoody, sverma, llaske
September: walterbender, samsongoddy, llaske
October: walterbender, samsongoddy
November: walterbender, samsongoddy, Claudia

For the SLOB members who cannot be bothered to regularly attend the 
meetings, please review the last few chat logs at:

September - 
October - 
November - 

So, to recap, for the year so far:

Walter has attended 11/11 meetings
Lionel has attended 5/11 meetings
Sameer has attended 3/11 meetings
Adam has attended 3/11 meetings
Samson has attended 10/11 meetings
Ignacio has attended zero meetings
Claudia has attended 3/11 meetings

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