[IAEP] [sfconservancy.org #1322] For Approval: Jaskirat Singh funding and advance for travel to GSoC mentor summit

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 18:31:54 EDT 2018

A bit of context:

We are assigned 3 slots for GSoC mentors to attend the mentor summit. I am
hoping that Devin and Jaskirat will be able to attend, along with one TBD.
We will get $3300 from Google to cover all of the expenses, which should
easily cover Devin (domestic travel)  and Jaskirat (international) and one
more domestic traveler. (Google will also be covering the local hotel and
meal expenses.)

Motion: To approve a travel advance for Jaskirat to attend the Google
Summer of Code mentor summit in October 2018.



On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 5:15 PM Brett Smith via RT <
approvals at tix.sfconservancy.org> wrote:

> Hi SLOBs,
> Jaskirat Singh is traveling to the GSoC mentor summit.  Because he's
> coming from India, he's asked us to prepay a number of expenses, which
> we're happy to do as long as you approve.
> First, he has requested an advance of 43,700.00 INR (about $625) to cover
> expenses related to getting his visa and ground transportation in India.
> He provided this budget:
> VISA Fees - 11200 INR
> Travelling agent and Consultant charges - 7000 INR
> As i have to travel for the VISA Documentation and Interview to other
> states so for that i have 2 dates consecutively ( VISA appointment letter
> attached), So for that Hotel Charge for 1 night and 2 days - 7000 INR
> Meals for this purpose ( 2 days ) - 2000 INR (approx.)
> Taxi fare from my location to the US Embassy - 4000 INR + toll and taxes (
> approx ).
> As per the rules VISA Documentation and Interview takes place at different
> place and VISA Collection gets issued from the different location which is
> the part of another state, so for that Taxi Fare - 2500 INR
> Taxi fare from Home to Airport - 5000 INR + toll and taxes ( approx )
> Taxi fare from airport to back Home - 5000 INR + toll and taxes ( approx )
> Please let us know whether or not you approve sending him money for these
> expenses ahead of time.  We'll still ask him to provide receipts after the
> fact as required for all travel under our policies.
> Note that, between this advance and the flight he's asking us to book,
> Jaskirat's travel is likely to exceed $1,000, meaning some of it will be
> paid out of Sugar's general fund and not covered by the money coming from
> Google for GSoC.  Please let us know what total travel budget you're
> willing to set for Jaskirat.
> Thank you,
> --
> Brett Smith

Walter Bender
Sugar Labs
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