[IAEP] Fwd: Wire transfer of $897.73 initiated to Goddy today.

Samson Goddy samsongoddy at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 05:16:26 EDT 2017

According to SFC calculation, suggested by Adam. My travel advance is now
$202.27, instead of $550.

I am still waiting for explanation.. From Adam what happen to the original
motion approved by SLOBS.

Or can Adam now, overrule SLOBS decision?

Is SLOBS decision not worthy enough? why do we have SLOBS? if adam can
drastically reduce my funds without SLOBS approval.

I am still making this public, to show what is going on and also a way for
us to prevent it in future.

Why was i given $202 instead of $550?

"Motion: Approve a travel advance for US $2550 (US $2000 SFC prepurchase of
an airline ticket and $550 towards local transport) for Samson Goddy's
travel to the Google Summer of Code mentor's summit.
5 in favor, 1 recuse, 1 vote yet to be counted [1]

out of $2550 + $695.46 (Samson and Walter GSoc stipend), i was given
$897.73 - ($30 dollars from bank/wired charges) - (5% of withdrawal fee
from the bank ~$43)

$824.73 is what, i will be getting.

while my budget shows
$1125  ($416 from approved $2550, $550 travel advance = $966, my share of
gsoc stipend 347.73 and donated walter's stipend to help cover accidental
cost in Boston and Nigeria).

And this is what i get ($824.73), pathetic!!!! I am highly disappointed, if
i was Adam suggested this months back before my visa.. I would have
forfeited coming to Gsoc Mentor's summit. This is how i am been repaid for
contributing in Gsoc and Sugar Labs for over 6 months.

Karma is a funny thing you know.

Actions like this, chase volunteers in a community. Beware of your actions
and how they affect members.

FYI, Lionel please ignore this report, i don't want you input in this..

Adam Thank You!!!
I see this as a personal attack, no offence Adam. I am not enjoying this
situation at all!
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Subject: Wire transfer of $897.73 initiated to Goddy today.
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Adam Holt wrote at 14:17 (PDT) on Tuesday:
> Please wire this $550 + $347.73 = $897.73 cash advance to Samson Goddy
> immediately if possible.

This payment has been issued by wire transfer today.

For clarity: only $202.27 was a cash advance for travel expenses.  The
remainder, $695.46, was *not a cash advance*, but rather a payment of a
stipend for mentoring during GSoC 2017.

Samson, for the $202.27, note that this is an advance of your travel
expenses for GSoC Mentor Summit.  Please note that you must follow the
travel policy:

... including keeping receipts for all expenditures.  We need you to do this
so we can count your expenses toward the advance and/or reimburse additional
expenses (if the PLC approves further expenses).  Note that such PLC
approval does not overrule the travel policy; both are needed for valid
Project travel.

Again, please be sure to save receipts.  This is essential and a
requirement.  We cannot reimburse expenses for which receipts are not

I know Karen and Brett, who will be at Mentor Summit, are looking forward to
meeting you.  I had a scheduling conflict for Mentor Summit this year so I
unfortunately won't get to meet you.
Bradley M. Kuhn
Distinguished Technologist of Software Freedom Conservancy
 |------> & also, de-facto Bookkeeper for the moment
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