[IAEP] Fwd: wire will go out tomorrow, approval received after wire deadline in USA (was Re: [Urgent, Adam] clarifying amount to wire to Samson (Re: Fwd: [SLOBS] Urgent Motion for Modifying GSOc mentor summit travel.))

Samson Goddy samsongoddy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 19:39:36 EDT 2017

I am publicly mailing this, because at this point, i will say Adam is
ruining my trip with suggestions and it is greatly affecting me.

Adam can you *please undo * this before SFC makes payment twice or thrice
that will attracts a lot of bank fees(sending to Nigeria).

I am making this public, because after waiting for days, your personal
changes is affecting me.

First SLOBS approved $2000 for my ticketing and $550 travel advance. You
made suggestions to SFC book Emirate with attracts a lot of layovers in
Lagos(over 24hrs) and Dubai(15hr). Instead of the British airways i
suggested. Now, i booked the emirate flights with local flights included.
Remaining $419 from the $2000.

I ask SFC to send me $416(balance from $2,000) + $550(travel advance) =
$966.66(to cover the rejected budget)

1. Emirates - $1,279.14
2. JetBlue - 161.20
3. Arik Air (local flight) - around $143

Since Adam is the liaison person to SFC, he gave SFC order not to send me
the $416 balance. I am asking SLOBS and Adam why? because i cannot give SFC
order only adam can. Am i not eligible to receive the $416?

walter donated his share of the stiped from Gsoc $347.73 + my own share
$347.73 = $695.46..

But Adam instructed SFC to do this instead, why?

"Walter Bender has asked that his own portion GSoC's (9 non-admins x $500)
/ 11 mentors[*] - 10% SFC - 5% SL = $347.73 be sent to Samson immediately
as well, based on 2016-34 here:

Please wire this $550 + $347.73 = $897.73 cash advance to Samson Goddy
immediately if possible" - Adam

Each transfer from the US cost more than $30 bank charges..

Meaning i will be be losing $30 twice or thrice, and also time wasting.

I am letting this community and member of SLOBS to see what is going on,
and i will like this to be fix asap.

FYI, SFC is sending my just $897.73 tomorrow, thanks to Adam.

I need explanation, because at this point.. I am Tired!


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Date: Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 11:23 PM
Subject: Re: wire will go out tomorrow, approval received after wire
deadline in USA (was Re: [Urgent, Adam] clarifying amount to wire to Samson
(Re: Fwd: [SLOBS] Urgent Motion for Modifying GSOc mentor summit travel.))
To: Samson Goddy <samsongoddy at gmail.com>
Cc: sugar at sfconservancy.org

Samson Goddy wrote:
>    Thank you but you ignored my last email showing Adam made wrong
>    calculation

I did not ignore it; it just isn't relevant to accounting@ yet.
As previously explained, we can only send the funds
that have been approved by the PLC as communicated to Conservancy by the
Representative under the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement (FSA) between
Conservancy and Sugar Labs.  Given the situation, we really do need to just
follow what the FSA says, and that's what it indicates should happen.

Also, I reiterate again our request that <accounting at sfconservancy.org> not
be cc'ed except on finally approved matters relating to payment and
documenting approved payments.

Your request for additional funds is not yet an accounting matter; it
to approvals not yet given.  I suggest that discussion about approval, if
needed, continue on <sugar at sfconservancy.org>; It only slows down
Conservancy's work for Sugar Labs if <accounting at sfconservancy.org> is cc'ed
on that discussion.  Please ask the Representative to send any concluded
approvals to <accounting at sfconservancy.org> at the end of that discussion.

We do plan to wire $897.73 to Samson tomorrow.  If the Representative
communicates to us additional amounts approved for payment -- be they for a
stipend or travel advance -- we will make reasonable efforts to expedite
because we're well aware of the funding difficulty of traveling from
Bradley M. Kuhn
Distinguished Technologist of Software Freedom Conservancy
 |------> & also, de-facto Bookkeeper for the moment
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