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Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat May 20 13:29:47 EDT 2017

On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 12:55 PM, Samson Goddy <samsongoddy at gmail.com>

> On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 5:29 PM, Adam Holt <holt at laptop.org> wrote:
>> As such, a more financially judicious gamble might involve a carefully
>> thought-out proposal for one single individual to attend.  Likely an
>> individual who has the strongest track record of getting EU visas
>> approved?  Or perhaps an individual who has established contacts /
>> diplomatic connections within the French government, a high-level contact
>> who cares about children and free software etc, to guarantee the visa will
>> be approved?
> More explanation please, i didn't really get the point.

You need to establish evidence that the visa will be approved.  A single
applicant (rather than two) confirmed by a high-level contact in the French
government might be the best way.

3) Laura Vargas is correct SFC cannot generally provide funds in advance,
>> so the mechanics of this entire proposal remain unclear.  Not reassuring
>> when flight prices are already rising less than 2 months before the event.
>> But possibly a (presumed) attendee can arrange a personal loan from a
>> friend, to cover all funds in advance, to be reimbursed by SFC later if
>> nothing goes wrong with the visa?
> I will reach out to the scratch team in bordeaux then discuss about it.

Speak to them about the above legal question too -- it is possible they
have high-level contacts within the French govt, to provide the highest
level of assurance that a particular visa will be approved.

4) If an improved proposal is indeed appropriate at this late stage, what
>> community deliverables/artifacts will the attendee(s) publish and/or
>> contribute in the end, preferably on the public record for all to share?
> I don't understand, could you explain more.

How specifically will attendee(s) document their contributions, in a more
permanent/global way -- whether via published photos, videos, ASLO,
http://scratch.mit.edu and/or a formal report?

(Most grant proposals of almost any kind require the applicant to specify
what kinds of community documentation will result from the trip...not just
social media, but that could be one part of it!)

> ASIDE: What is the exact/estimated total that Scratch itself has offered
>> to contribute?
> They will pay my(Samson) flight (PHC > Lagos > Paris > Bordeaux), hotel,
> foods and visa.

Can you provide a rough estimate for this in USD?
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