[IAEP] L10n snapshot, just fyi

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 22:00:32 EST 2017

I thought it might be of interest to some that the OLPC Switch desktop
PO file is 100% complete in 32 languages (and still growing).  This is
how you switch from Sugar to GNOME.

Acholi  Albanian  Amharic  Arabic  Aymara (Aru)  Bosnian  Catalan
Chinese (China)  Danish  Dutch  English  English (United Kingdom)
French  German  Greek  Guaraní (Paraguay)  Hebrew  Hindi  Icelandic
Indonesian  Italian  Lithuanian  Nepali  Papiamento  Persian (Farsi)
Polish  Russian  Sinhala  Songhai languages  Spanish  Ukrainian

We are only 35 words short in another 34 languages.

Armenian Bangla (Bengali) Central Pame Chinese (Hong Kong) Chinese
(Taiwan) Czech Filipino Galician Huastec (Tének) Japanese Kannada
Kinyarwanda Korean Malagasy Malay Māori (Te Reo) Marathi Nahuatl
languages Pashto Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil) Punjabi Quechua
(Cusco-Collao) Serbian Slovak Slovenian Swedish Tamil Thai Turkish
Urdu Uyghur Vietnamese Walloon

We are also pushing towards high levels of completion for sugar and
sugar-toolkit-gtk3.  Taken together these are the three core Sugar UI
string sets.  I am trying to get this core set completed for as many
languages as possible in time for the next SOAS release.  Of course,
we are picking up a lot of Activity L10n as well.


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