[IAEP] Resubmission of Proposed Project for Sugarizer1°

Lionel Laské lionel.laske at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 07:45:55 EST 2017

Hi Caryl,

Very nice.
I'm fully encourage your proposal.
Sugarizer is not my tool, or the tool of OLPC France. Everyone should be
able to appropriate Sugarizer itself and transform/adapt it for its needs.
That's the way Open Source Software works and Sugarizer definitively lack
of tester feedbacks. So welcome Sugarizer 1° !
I will support it technically as far as I could.



2017-03-02 23:11 GMT+01:00 Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>:

> Hi All...
> This proposal can be improved a lot. However, I am re-submitting it
>  mainly as an example of the kinds of things I feel SugarLabs should be
> supporting with their precious funds. I originally submitted it last
> summer.
> Because of the SoCalifLinuxExpo and a house full of people, I don't have
> the opportunity to make revisions at this moment. Things I can see it needs
> are a definite timeline, a clearly thought out budget, and names of some of
> the people who would be involved. I would love to have additional
> suggestions for things to add and volunteers to assist in getting it into
> better shape by the next SLOB meeting.
> At this point, I do not expect approval, but rather encouragement to
> expand and refine this early proposal, along with suggestions in time for
> the next SLOB meeting.
> I invite others (Samson???) to also submit rough drafts of proposals as
> samples of the kinds of things SugarLabs could be doing.
> The SLOB meeting tomorrow is at 11 AM PST. The Expo Hall at SCaLE15X
> opens at 10 AM. Because of that it will be difficult for me, Adam, and
> other SL members to give our full attention to the meeting. We will do the
> best we can under the circumstances.
> Caryl
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