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Re the marketing plan, i also came up with the idea of creating awareness
to the public on what SugarLabs is doing. Because most of them believe that
Sugar only runs on xos.

So Dave and I created a motion which will get potentially users,
Developers, parents, teachers to know more about Sugar; how sugar works.
Social media is also one of the major way to draw attention down to Sugar.
So we then to draw inspiration from Scratch foundation. See link below!



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> Hi all! Hola a todos!
> I'm happy to share with everybody there has been an initiative by Samson
> supported by the board to come with a* Funding and Marketing Plan for
> Sugar Labs!*
> Please confirm if there is someone already working on such or similar
> Plan?
> Because we need to document better, I believe, our Marketing and Funding
> Plan should take us in the road to by default support community needs while
> developing artistic communication elements.
> Summarizing the best I can last year's discussion about Marketing, Samson
> and Ibiam agreed with "*We should be able to speak about Sugar
> deployments as we now speak about OLPC deployments. Sugar should be
> available for PCs and mobile devices with xo being considered as one of the
> supported environments" *Tony Anderson's idea. I agree too.
> Summarizing also the best I can, every year need of funding, it has become
> clear Sugar Labs Project basically requires:
> [1] To sponsor any motivated, active individuals in need to continue doing
> the best they can to support our mission.
> [2] To make sure our servers are safe and our systems are distributed.
> We are here requesting all contributions from past, present and future
> members! we know we are all here because we ‚ô•libre-software, have good
> intentions and a noble cause.
> As I see it, the first step is that we all agree if we work this
> documentation in the wiki or on a shared pad.
> Sorry for the long email! Blessings and regards :D
> Laura Victoria
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