[IAEP] [SLOBS] URGENT action needed

Hilary Naylor hnaylor at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 18:43:02 EDT 2017

dear all,
   Samson is now sponsored for the up-front expenses of his trip to GSoC in
the amount of $700. His actual expenses are closer to $900 if anyone wants
to co-sponsor. I understand that SFC is going to reimburse me around $630
because that is the amount they allocated for local travel expenses.

kind regards,
Hilary Naylor

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Subject: Re: [IAEP] [SLOBS] URGENT action needed

Because Samson Goddy is our close friend and clearly should go to San
Francisco for GSoC, it is tempting to send him a personal loan.

But for Sugar Labs to provide loans to our personal friends is a dangerous
precedent frought with moral and ethical hazards.

As such, personally my conscience forces me to abstain from all such

I strongly encourage others to provide Samson the $627.05 personal loan he
in fact does need, if Sugar Labs cannot.

*It will make a gigantic difference, and you will have a friend for life in
Samson Goddy, who is likely to move forward accomplishing truly incredible
things in his life.*
Hilary Naylor, Ph.D.
Oakland CA
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