[IAEP] Back on Task... The 2017 Sugar Labs Mission Statement

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 12:52:05 EDT 2017


A few things...

First... Walter made this motion and it was seconded by several board members. Therefore it should be voted on, up or down, before considering Laura's substitute motion. I see nothing wrong with this mission statement. It is clear and concise and describes exactly what Sugar Labs is all about.

Walter's motion:

Revise the Sugar Labs mission statement to "Sugar Labs is a volunteer-run project whose mission is to reach global learners and educators with a collection of tools that enable them to explore, discover, create, and reflect in their local language. Sugar Labs distributes these tools freely and encourages its users to appropriate them, taking ownership and responsibility for their learning."

Second... when you reply to an email, unless it is private SLOB business, please be sure you have included iaep in the addresses. Otherwise your messages look blank to everyone who isn't a SLOB member. It is called "sunshine."

Third... After the mission statement  is approved, or a substitute (but I hope it is this one), it will be time to consider long term goals for Sugar Labs. There should be only 4 or 5 at most. I have copies of 4 of the 5 that were proposed earlier. Walter may still have a copy of the 5th one. After the mission statement issue is settled, I'll send what I have out so you can all work on getting them just the way they should be.

Please understand, goals are NOT the same as objectives. They are much more general. Objectives are designed to help achieve the goals and have a definite form... who will do what by when, how will it be done and how will success be measured. Goals do NOT have these elements!

Proposals for future use of Sugar Labs funds should be directed to meet specific objectives and thus our goals and our mission. They are all interconnected.


P.S. Shouldn't there be a SLOB meeting today? I didn't see a notice on the iaep list.
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