[IAEP] SLOB Motions A & B

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Thu May 19 03:18:11 EDT 2016

I think motion A could be simplified:

The Finance Manager shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Sugar 
Labs Oversight Board and may be either anon-voting officer or one of the 
current Oversight Board members. The Finance Manager will serve at the 
will of the Board and may be removed and replaced by a majority vote of 
the Board if necessary.


The Oversight Board shall appoint a member of Sugar Labs to serve in the 
office of _Finance Manager_ at the will of the Board.

The last two paragraphs can be deleted. The last paragraph is redundant 
given the Finance Manager serves at the will of the Board. The
paragraph regarding remuneration is unnecessary since the Board can 
clearly make decisions about remuneration as needed (which is basically
wha the paragraph says).

I think Motion B is unnecessary. The procedure with regard to the 
Conservancy is already defined (and apparently not under our control).

Add to Motion A: duties:

3. The Finance Manager is authorized to approve expenditures up to $100 
Requests for expenditures will be presented to the Board by the
Finance Manager for approval.

Most of the rest is implicit in Motion A duties item 1.

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