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2016-01-22 15:05 GMT-05:00 James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org>:

> On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 07:01:50AM -0500, Laura Vargas wrote:
> > I have stated my intention to help achieve quality in products and
> > process within the SL project and community.
> >
> > This "translations work flow" example was used to ilustrate the
> > urgent need to draw a line between Executive process (such as
> > raising resources) and Oversight process (such as oversighting
> > budget executions).
> >
> > I believe that in order to achieve  quality in products and process,
> > all projects of all SL active members need to be well formulated,
> > "greenlighted", tested, documented and improved.
> Sugar Labs is a voluntary organisation with membership that shifts and
> changes over time.  Members can join at any time, members can leave at
> any time.  Members cannot be compelled to work in the way you
> describe.  The only influence the board can have is to remove barriers
> to projects, and there are very few barriers the board can control.
The beauty of voluntary work is that you do it because you belive it should
be done.

As a mother and as a teacher, I strongly believe achieving quality in
software we offer to children needs to be done; it is not a choice but a
pedagogical responsability.

I am not a Sugar Labs member because of a conflict of interest.  So
> you don't have to convince me.

:D I would like to convince you to become a SL member (I fail to see any
conflict of interest with a paid technical position from a hardware
supplier). I believe your insights and technical skills are very relevant
to the evolution of SL as a community and as an organization.

> But if I were a member, I'd be puzzled
> as to how you could implement your belief.  It sounds impossible to
> achieve without changing the nature of membership.
One idea that could easily work, is to design and implement a project
funding mechanism, where member projects can apply to refund according to
progress and expenses.

Best wishes and happy weekend,

Laura Victoria

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Laura V.

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Happy Learning!
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