[IAEP] SL 2016 Annual Budget / Presupuesto Proyecto Sugar Labs año 2016

Laura Vargas laura at somosazucar.org
Thu Apr 21 10:11:26 EDT 2016

Hi/Hola! (favor cada uno traducir ;o)

2016-04-18 6:49 GMT+08:00 Dave Crossland <dave at lab6.com>:

> Hi!
> Today I was reading the proposed budget for Wikimedia Foundation, which
> has been undergoing some leadership problems in the last few years - cf.
> mollywhite.net/wikimedia-timeline/ - and I hope this might als

> o be interesting for those considering the Sugar Labs budget.
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_Annual_Plan/2016-2017/draft?banner=Strategy2016_A_Desktop
Indeed interesting reading. Specially liked the "Strategy process" they
have, because it does show the importance and the "How to" for "Community

2016 Strategy process

Annual Plan pages
Draft 2016 Annual Plan
(Discuss draft Annual Plan)
Stage 2 (4-18 March) pages
Draft WMF strategy
(Discuss draft strategy)
Stage 1 (18 Jan.-15 Feb.) pages
Community consultation
Stage 1 main page
 (Review discussions)
 (Review discussions)
 (Review discussions)
Outcomes of Stage 1

> I think the $80k surplus is small.

I am attaching a new draft with the updated information that has been
shared by SLOBs so far, according to the related motions by Tony and Walter.

So, without counting with any more income in the period (would need to
double check), and reducing the budget allowed for Chris Leonard's
Internationalization tasks (USD$12,000.00) and Conferences Travels (USD$
3,977.42), the net asset value comes to ~USD$ 66,000.00.

We should also consider the projected yearly fees for the conservancy
(truth is I am not sure how it is calculated) so I did estimate with the
simple 4 year average (USD$ 8,297,33).

So the new estimated asset value would be something around ~USD$ 57,600.00

Of course, someone from the SLOBs should confirm the figures.

> Therefore I suggest that the SL 2016 budget only be spent on
> (a) essential activities, and
> (b) activities that will increase the surplus within a given timeframe.
> Examples of (a) might include paying rents on servers, trademark
> registration fees, or other payments required to continue holding existing
> resources.
> Examples of (b) might include buying stock to be sold at a sustaining
> markup (a set of XO-4s, or T shirts); or translating Sugar into a language
> which will enable grants or other income to be given to further expand
> development by the community using that language.
I think we should start drafting our financial policies based on the
experience and their numbers.
For this, I propose we design and implement 4 to 5 simple indicators of
Community's Financial Health.

An example of a simple Financial Health indicator would be;

Period Dollars/User = Total Amount of Money Spent on the Period / Number of
Sugar Users by the End of the Period

This can be calculated/estimated retroactively for all of Sugar Labs
existence with a bit of effort and some basic Community information

Numbers are the best friends to draw a better future. We should make sure
we use them and in the process teach children in the Community to use them.

Regards and blessings,
Laura V

> Cheers
> Dave
> On 17 April 2016 at 06:30, Laura Vargas <laura at somosazucar.org> wrote:
>> It is critical for any formal organization of individuals to "work-well"
>> to draw and communicate an annual budget to/with it's members.
>> /Para que funcione bien cualquier asociación formal de individuos, es
>> necesario y crítico dibujar y comunicar un presupuesto anual con/a sus
>> miembros.
>> This is specially required when there are resources available  in the Net
>> Asset Account of the last period.
>> / Esto debe darse con certeza siempre que existan recursos disponibles en
>> el Activo Neto del último período.
>> According to the numbers recently published, for the case of the SL
>> Project, the balance of the Net Asset Account last period (2015) is USD$
>> 81.966,88.
>> / De acuerdo a los números recientemente publicados, para el caso del
>> Proyecto Sugar Labs, el saldo del Activo Neto del último Periodo (2015) es
>> de USD$ 81.966,88.
>> In order to help with the process of making such Budget, I have added a
>> column [C] and 4 raws [18, 19, 20 y 21] to actual numbers. I am attaching
>> an updated version of the Spreadshet.
>> / Con el objetivo de colaborar en el proceso de realizar tal Presupuesto,
>> he adicionado una columna [C] y 4 filas [18, 19, 20 y 21] a los datos
>> contables. Adjunto Hoja de Calculo.
>> Please review and comment. Multiple scenarios may be considered. /Por
>> favor revisen y comenten. Multiples escenarios se pueden considerar.
>> Hope this is a first step into intercontinental financial
>> learning/exchange ;D
>> Espero que este sea un primer paso hacia el aprendizaje/intercambio
>> financiero intercontinental.
Laura V.
IRC kaametza

Happy Learning!
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