[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] Samson's proposal to SLOBs

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 02:24:21 EDT 2016

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On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 1:39 AM, Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com> wrote:
> I worked with Samson to refine a narrower proposal that has been
> presented to the SLOB by email.  It is for the SLOB or Samson to
> decide how / when to share it with the wider community.  It is for the
> SLOB to determine the how / when of discussing the proposal.  I am
> confident that all details will be public before any decision is
> taken, I would characterize them as generally similar to previously
> funded translation work, specific terms of which have been shared
> previously.
> cjl
> cjl
> On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 12:30 AM, Dave Crossland <dave at lab6.com> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Its been 2 weeks since this thread was last updated; has anything else
>> happened to move the proposal forward? Am I right that this will be decided
>> on at the next SLOB meeting?
>> Samson, some more questions below:
>> On 6 April 2016 at 08:00, samson goddy <samsongoddy at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>>   Thanks for the question Dave, Let me explain why the Yoruba came with
>>> the price $6,000. Originally, The Yoruba come with a price of 1500 USD.
>>> About the Internet plan in Nigeria is quite expensive. Like i told Tony,
>>> getting a portable internet connection plus the device cost about $300 a
>>> month.
>> Which provider/offer is this? :)
>>> I also explained that getting anything related to tech is also expensive
>>> in Nigeria. For example getting an iphone6 plus might cost about $700-800 in
>>> USA or amazon, with the current exchange rate of 200 Nigerian naira to 1
>>> dollar doesn't make everything in Nigeria cheaper. To get that same phone in
>>> Nigeria is about 250,000 naira here in Nigeria that about 1255.0225 US
>>> Dollar, you see the difference. India or USA is not Nigeria these country
>>> has a stable economy. You could do you research about Nigeria economy
>>> currently and see for yourself.
>> I understand - India is pretty similar to that :)
>> Is the breakdown of the $6k something like this?
>> $1,500 translation
>> $  900 portable net @ $300/month x 3 months
>> $3,600 laptops
>> If there are other items, it seems the laptop is surely a larger item in the
>> breakdown. So I wonder about the possibility of leasing/renting laptops. Eg
>> I found http://xtramindsconcept.com.ng/laptops who advertise they leased a
>> classroom of laptops to Google Nigeria. While that is in Lagos, I expect if
>> you can visit a dozen computer repair shops, you could probably charm one of
>> them to rent you some old stock for a good price.
>> And there's also the 2nd hand market. Looking on olx.com I found a couple of
>> nearly-new laptops for around USD$400 in Port Harcourt:
>> https://www.olx.com.ng/ad/1-month-used-hp-pavilion-dv7-corei7-with-radeon-graphics-beat-audio-ID15HCC1.html
>> https://www.olx.com.ng/ad/7months-old-hp-pavillion-for-sale-ID15I6yI.html
>> (although you might also need that charm, "Carefully and softly used by a
>> girl and so I wish a girl will also buy it" it says ;)
>> I also find the $300/month mobile data cost high. How many Gb of data will
>> you need?
>> It seems that, new, its N15,000 ($USD75) for a hotspot wifi -
>> http://www.gloworld.com/ng/personal/devices/portable-wifi-routers/ - and
>> N5,000 (USD$25) for 5Gb of data -
>> http://www.gloworld.com/ng/personal/data/data-plans/ - which can be doubled
>> by working on a "campus" -
>> http://www.gloworld.com/ng/personal/data/glo-campus-data-booster/ - and such
>> hotspots can also be bought for around 1/3 of that price on olx.com
>> Finally, how many translators would be involved for the $1,500, which is
>> spent over 12 weeks? :)
>>> "Can some of these XO laptops be recovered/recycled. The owners are now in
>>> their late teens and probably wanting to use smartphones or standard
>>> laptops. They may be willing to sell them for a relatively small amount
>>> given that the local demand for XOs is probably negligible. These could be
>>> refurbished and deployed either to support a local hackerspace or to supply
>>> enough for one class at a local school."? yes they can. Those who don't want
>>> to use the xo any more normally give them to their young ones to use.
>> That's great! :)
>>> "Finally, I think it would be cool to think about this funding as
>>> investment, rather than just straight funding. You are going go through the
>>> effort of finding people to translate, teaching them about Sugar, getting
>>> new hardware for Sugar related projects, etc etc! It is a lot :) So, if you
>>> do all that, I recommend thinking about how to use that built up energy and
>>> value in a way that can move towards self-funding this kind of effort. For
>>> example, offering workshops business model, because the risks can be
>>> minimized and it can have low overheads, and there are several markets for
>>> them - eg, offering sugar workshops to wealthier communities of parents who
>>> are passionate about these languages; or, partnering with existing IT
>>> training businesses."? Yes that is want i have in mind to do.
>> :D
>>>  Yes i would create Sugar Labs workshops, in Port Harcourt probably in
>>> other parts of Nigeria too. These workshop will bring more users to the
>>> sugar community, uses the xo's, Sugar on stick, sugarizer. It will be a
>>> whole new word for Nigerians. I already find partners  for the workshop. And
>>> also i would really like if some one from Sugar Labs community will be
>>> present too e.g like walter for Musics Blocks and Turtle art JS. Also most
>>> of this questions you are answer is already been answered. I am spending a
>>> lot of $ in cyber cafe. So i can't really answer all your questions. like i
>>> said before SLOBs should invest in this proposal probably this April(i am
>>> not forcing the issue) so that things can be done quicker. and i can be able
>>> to start planing for workshops.
>> I am not a SLOB (nor even am I a Member, yet :) but I would like to see
>> that, even if the primary purpose of the funds is translation, that this
>> proposal can catalyse the nigeria deployments "graduates" into contributors
>> - hopefully long term.
>> So I'd like to suggest that you add more of these ideas into the proposal
>> document, so that it can be turned into a motion at the next SLOB meeting.
>> --
>> Cheers
>> Dave

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