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Thank you very much Laura for the help you've giving me about my project in Nigeria. Also i also grateful to Walter and Chris for their support too. I have been really down last week(Sick) but i am getting on my feet now. So i did update the proposal to reduce the prices for the languages. here are the links to the excel https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=A02A6B155E984772!452&authkey=!AE8LFLFOt_Zhi04&ithint=file%2cods Then the origin document which is attached to this mail.

Also as much i will like to wait till the translation manager, I intend to do this project starting from April so that i can be done before my 2 SAT tests. So i would like if SLOBs can vote via email waiting to the next meeting will do me no good. This is a favour i am asking from SLOBs.

Samson Goddy 

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Hi Samson,
As promised, I have requested volunteers to continue with the Translations/Localization Committe, so we will be able to help you get the proposals in good shape to be consider by the board for appoval.
So to start, it will be me, Sora and Tim, as they have confirmed their intention to continue in the Translations/Localizations Committe and help out with the proposals.
So, I am forwarding them cc to IAEP, the documentation we have.
Sora, Tim,
Here I'm forwarding the first draft from the Localization Contractor Template that was prepared. It contemplates the translation of 40 Sugar Projects to 6 native languages.
I made some suggestions, but basically we ended up with a per/language proposal, that shows additional information, like responsible party per task and activities to be done in the time line. Am attaching the SpreadSheet.
According to your experiences, I'm asking for your help to upgrade this two documents, as they may become the model for others to follow.
Thank you both for joining forces in the spirit of International fraternity, peace and cultural exchange.
Bessings for all.
Laura V

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Subject: Samson's proposal to SLOBs
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Hello Guys, 

  i am done with the proposal and i will be presenting it to SLOBs for the next meeting 1st of April. So i want you guys to please review it before the date. 

Samson Goddy

Laura V.


IRC kaametza

Happy Learning!

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