[IAEP] Amzn Fire Sale No More: pricing rises 86% !

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Nov 30 08:01:10 EST 2015

Amazon assures us they are not in fact a casino, with oscillating prices,
oscillating inventory, and oscillating policies, and 86'ing inventory from
a country whose code is +86 = China ;-)

Perhaps worse from microdeployments' very practical and pragmatic
perspective, looking out over the high walls of Fortress America, Amzn's
tablets just don't exist in many countries, so that "local capacity
building" CAN become more than a fundraising buzzword One Day.

But yes: fyi Amazon has now almost doubled its tablet price range/target:
"$64.99 without special offers", instead of $34.99-for-everyone so very

Braddock's cautions (about deployments having the logistics rug pulled out
from under them) apply earlier than we imagined...

Oh for the good old days when OLPC'S microdeployment pricing only
oscillated about 10-to-20% of the XO's "China price" (perhaps that's still
the case, if OLPC still uses DHL from China).  OLPC's microdeployment
real/actual pricing (including country-by-country certication, delivery
from China, customs brokering) being even more stable in the USA, last I
checked anyway.

The future of student devices / clean browsers / consistent Sugar UX
remains all too blurry for now ~ might OLPC Australia's "Infinite" hardware
(modular laptop, announced for September 2016) possibly reconsider a clean
Sugar experience out-of-the-box?
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