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On May 15, 2015 10:44 PM, "Dan Tenason" <dan.tenason at mail.ru> wrote:
> The Sugar Labs website is still stating  "Sugar's Activities are used
every school day by nearly 3 million children." Mr Daley stated this number
is based on Total number of XOs shipped as reported by OLPC + total number
of copies of Sugar on a Stick downloaded.
> laptop.org  states that about 15,000 XO are in Hati. I was wondering if
Mr. Holt, who is active in Hati, is willing to comment on the number of
laptops in daily use in Hati.

Beyond having met the director (Guy Serge Pompilus) in 2011, I've never
been involved with the Haitian government XO project, which I believe
(judging from public documents) received ~14,000 XO's around 2008.  It is
known that well over 1000 other XO's have arrived in Haiti since then.  How
many of these ~15,000+ total are in very active use is almost impossible to
say, particularly as Haiti has more sunshine than sunshine laws.  But
certainly a minority at this point, judging from Sora Edwards-Thro's
informal investigations.

> laptop.org states that about 900,000 XOs are in Peru. I was wondering if
Mr. Silva, who is active in Peru, is willing to comment on the number of
laptops in daily use in Peru.
> laptop.org states that about 15,000 XOs are in Birmingham, Alabama. Could
anyone comment on the number of those laptops in use?

I spontaneously visited Birmingham in 2012 to try to understand this
better.  Perhaps 14,000 XO's were fully given to kids to keep after the
official government program was shut down sometime around 2010, not far off
from the original plan's "child ownership" goals FWIW.  Anna Schoolfield
(longtime volunteer) might have some idea how many of those ~14K are in
active personal use.  Then again she might not -- it's years later and
these laptops are distributed very widely now.

> Finally latop.org states that about 850,000 XOs are in Uruguay.  Research
in Uruguay indicates that in 2012 about 4.1% of students used their XOs all
or most days.
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