[IAEP] IAEP Digest, Vol 84, Issue 2

Gonzalo Odiard godiard at sugarlabs.org
Tue Mar 3 07:41:46 EST 2015

> >Naturally, the XO-1 is not marketable in the Get 1 world. The developers
> >and supporting volunteers live in the Get 1 world. As a consequence
> >going to a software model which jettisons etoys in the interest of
> >keeping up with Fedora seems a reasonable tradeoff. Someone in Give 1,
> >who has never before had a computer in their hands, is unlikely to know
> >or care what model of Fedora is installed.
> >

Is true the realities of Get1 and Give1  worlds are different,
but the reality is that as developers we can't work with the some software
than in 2007. Because we are not isolated from the changes in the world,
and because our software is connected, and use software developed by

> >This begs the question, what has changed between Sugar 0.82 and 0.104
> >that significantly improves the value of the XO in primary school
> >education in the Give 1 world?

Ouch. Really? We worked for 5 years for nothing?

> >We should consider the real model of deployments (aside of the national
> >ones). Some individual or group in the Get 1 world decides to sponsor a
> >set of laptops for a specific school or library in the Give 1 world, the
> >deployment.
> >

The problem is we don't have one _real_model_of_deployments_.
We have different situations, some very small, some very big,
some with access to technology, some without nothing.
And in general, the big deployments can put money to push the development
in the direction they need, while for the small deployments is more
Does not help that some small deployments are isolated
and do not communicate with the community, or that we as a community
are more fragmented than I would like.

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