[IAEP] Taking OpenStreetMap Offline - DESIGN Call - Thur June 11, 10AM EDT / 2PM UTC

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Thu Jun 4 14:30:46 EDT 2015

Who's attending http://stateofthemap.us at the UN in NYC this weekend?

Who's most serious about bringing OpenStreetMap's opportunities and rapid
progress into the hands of the world's offline poor -- kids and all,
American and Swahili?  Wanna Take This Map Outside, offline and off the
grid, where we all belong/began?

http://Internet-in-a-Box.org and similar efforts have made a gigantic 1st
step: in Ghana and Rwanda I could never have imagined better reviews to our
2015 deployments begun there in recent months.  Many are now changing the
game increasingly for the Bottom BillionS, among many who've literally
never seen a globe before, nevermind a map of their own towns.  Both in
OLPC (school) contexts, in libraries, on Nepali hillsides where folks don't
have proper homes, and far beyond --- perspectives (literally) are about to

But modern phones today contain more than enough gigabytes to display ALL
OpenStreetMap map detail within most countries, and yet they do not yet,
WHY?  Where are the Khan Academies and KA Lites of OSM (OpenStreetMap)
bringing new classroom/journalistic rubrics, freeing everyone's "brain
software" to explore and document our own communities in our own languages?

*Who Will Take The Next Steps?*
*What engineering middleware, distribution vectors, community/economic
models, and final field packagings will get us all there & beyond?*
*Will offline edit-contributions prove impossible, much like with Wikipedia
in Peru, when offline kids edit overly stale OpenStreetMap/Wikipedia images
a year before/later?*

As such the wider OLPC community is hosting a DESIGN Call to bring forward
ideas across the OpenStreetMap landscape, fertilizing our immediate work
with school server projects like http://schoolserver.org, http://xsce.org,
https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Education-Li-f-e ETC.  Ministries of
Education in India elsewhere are watching closely, expressly eager to help
if we can point the way.  All giving our "2020 Vision" questions very
practical and immediate "customers" well before 2020, much like Garmin GPS
units fed a wonderful ecosystem of geo-specific "gmapsupp.img" offline map
files over the past decade:

That decade's now done: what IS our framework for the coming decade?
Please join us if you have strategic/partnership ideas towards making
Offline OSM Designs happen, *Thank You !!*

10AM New York Time / 2PM UTC
Thursday, June 11th
RSVP with your Skype username, if we are more than 15-20 we'll use an
industrial conference call system instead!

CONCLUSION: Could OpenStreetMap be the very ultimate in Constructionist
Learning Projects, replacing OLPC in coming years, on a quickly
shrinking/endangered but still green-in-parts planet?  Regardless, how to
build the OLPC Movement's offline/civic learning successes, consciously
learning from its community infrastructural mistakes?  Nick Doiron (
http://mapmeld.com) and Anish Mangal (https://in.linkedin.com/in/anishmangal)
who've spent years thinking about this topic will lead the discussion,
agenda is entirely yours!  OPTIONAL: submit agenda items in advance right


*< forward invitation to Twitter/wherever as appropriate >*

Unsung Heroes of OLPC, interviewed live @ http://unleashkids.org !
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