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Lionel Laské lionel at olpc-france.org
Sat Oct 18 04:30:25 EDT 2014

Hi Caryl,

Regarding Kindle and Maze, I'm surprised about that. A guy from Amazon give
me a Kindle HDX 8.9 (first generation) so I've tested on it and it works.
Are you sure you're touching on the right place ? In the nice Manuel Maze
Web activity, you don't have to touch near the little face. The activity
compute the direction between your touch and the little face to decide
where you want to go.

Regarding Spanish version, thanks to Alan and Ignacio, it's already inside!
Just change settings/language with a long touch on the buddy icon.

Regarding iOS, I will be please to have support here. In fact as I said to
you, iOS porting should not be technical so complex. Sugarizer is "just"
HTML5/JavaScript and I'm using PhoneGap to package it as an Android app.
PhoneGap works too on iOS (lot of iOS app in the app store are PhoneGap
apps) so it could be used to package it as an iOS app. Of course some
testing should be done on Safari, and PhoneGap packaging need also to be
done on a Mac because unfortunately, Apple require a Mac to generate iOS
I don't have easy way to access or work on Mac for a long time so it's
difficult for me to work on it. But if you know someone that have a
HTML5&PhoneGap background and have a Mac, I will be please to help on this.

More globally Sugarizer porting on other devices just require to have the
required device and do some packaging, testing and eventually some minor
adaptation. My personal road map include porting to Raspberry PI (work in
progress), Windows 8 and Windows Phone. ANY device I said :-)


2014-10-17 22:54 GMT+02:00 Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>:

>  Hi…
> I just downloaded Sugarizer to my Kindle Fire. It looks great! It will
> take me a while to test stuff.
> I have, however, played a bit with Maze and find that the touch screen of
> the Kindle is not sensitive enough to always make the little face go in the
> intended direction. Sometimes it goes in a completely different, and
> incorrect direction. Is there any way to decrease (or maybe increase) the
> size of the sensitive spots on the screen so the errors won't occur? I'm
> guessing that the spots are too big and overlap a bit on the Kindle screen
> and that is why the problem is happening.
> On another note… we have a lot of folks on the list that could help get
> Sugarizer adapted to Spanish. Lionel, would you like to set up a project
> for that? I can help recruit people to assist. and can help with it myself.
> Still hoping to get to the point where I can help get an IOS version
> going. I will have to finish EdX's CS50 class from Harvard first and it
> looks like it will take me until sometime next year to cover it all. I
> figure it could be my "Final Project" for that class.
> Caryl
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